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Agave Citrine Pre- Shampoo Hydrating Masque
Agave Citrine Pre- Shampoo Hydrating Masque
Agave Citrine Pre- Shampoo Hydrating Masque

Agave Citrine Pre- Shampoo Hydrating Masque




  • Intense hydration for curls and coils.
  • Deeply nourish and mineralize unhealthy hair.
  • Protect strands from the potential harshness both heat styling and the       washing process.
  • Improved hair structure.
  • Increases hair growth and length retention with continued use.

    In this innovative formulation we have re-invented the age-old honey treatments of ancient civilizations, by using plant-based nectars from the land and sea.


    Agave Root and Aloe Vera penetrate the hair shaft to its very core, delivering long lasting moisture that is then sealed in by Irish Moss (seaweed) and Mushroom Gum. The seaweed and mushroom seal also protects against heat damage.

    The moisturizing and growth enhancing properties of this formula are boosted with the aid of nourishing botanicals like Hibiscus , Prickly Pear and Sage.

    We have lovingly placed a beautiful citrine gemstone in each bottle, with the intention to bring joy, prosperity and abundance.


    The healing properties of Citrine Gemstone :


    • Enhance mental focus, joy and positivity.
    • Brings abundance and success.
    • Eliminates negativity, transmuting negative energy into positive.
    • Balances and strengthens the solar plexus.

    Organic Blue Agave Extract; Organic Aloe Vera Juice; Organic Hibiscus Extract; Organic Prickly Pear Extract; Organic Rosemary Extract; Organic Amla Extract; 1, 3 Propanediol (from fermented corn extract); Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil; Organic Argan Oil; Banana Fruit Extract, Guava Fruit Extract; Mango Fruit Extract; Cucumber Peel Extract; Irish Moss (Carrageenan); Sclerotium Mushroom Gum; Gluconolactone SB (Gentle Preservative.)  Unconditional Love and Citrine infusion.

    Directions for Use

    Pre-Shampoo Mask


    Before shampooing hair:

    Apply generous amount to hair and scalp. 

    Let product sit on your hair for 15 mins or longer with or without cap.

    You can also sit under a hooded dryer or steamer.

    Shampoo out, before proceeding to condition and style your hair.